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Behavioural indicators for traffic safety






Prof. Dr. Ir. E.C. (Eric) van Berkum

Daily supervisor:

Prof.Dr. Marieke Martens

PhD student:

Msc. Roald J. van Loon


Site Roald van Loon


Behavioural indicators for safe driving: What is safe and what is not?

The main of this project was to come up with criteria to decide what is safe driving and what is not. Drivers continuously change their position within the driving lane, but when can we say this is unsafe and when is this still within safe limits? These criteria are important to use for instance when someone is becoming tired behind the wheel or is distracted. If we can detect dangerous driving behaviour on-line in the vehicle, we can use this to warn the driver or to support the driver in the driving task by taking over control. This project focuses on motorway driving with primary focus on lateral behaviour. New statistical methods for analyzing the data are used in search of safety related non-parametric data since we believe that mean values and SD are not sufficient for these type of analyses. Roald performed behavioural studies on the road, used subjective safety ratings based on videos and conducted driving simulator studies about fatigue and distraction. He developed a new measure W that is suitable for detecting fatigue related changes to an individual baseline. This measure is more sensitive for predicting (not only measuring) fatigue related lateral behaviour.