Dorette Alink

Dorette Alink was born and raised in the beautiful historical city of Zutphen in “de achterhoek”. In 1993 she finished the College of Higher Professional Education (Economics and Linguistics) in Enschede. She met her husband in Enschede and therefore had to find a job here. Soon she started at the University in Enschede. At first at the Construction group and later with the financial department and the Water group. Later she started working at the Centre for Transport Studies and still does find this the nicest group to work for. The best part of her job is organizing parties and meetings and that she can still practice her English is a nice benefit. Going to Africa with the group (in 2000) and the 2 week English course in Brighton with the secretaries were two nice highlights!

In her spare time, Dorette enjoys reading (Harlan Coben, Nicci French, but also Wolters and Shakespeare), going to the movies, meeting her girlfriends somewhere in the Netherlands and going on a holiday. She also likes making necklaces and bracelets and drawing. Another passion is photography, her camera is accompanying her everywhere.



Room: Citadel - Room H334
Phone: +31 (0) 53 - 489 4322

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Position: Secretary


1995 – current

Secretary at Centre for Transport Studies, University of Twente


Runoto Leasing BV Oldenzaal (commercial and administrative employee)



Selecta Spel en Hobby, Barneveld (dissertation project)

TBI Enschede/Berlijn (administrative employee)





College of Higher Professional Education (Economics and Linguistics),