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Outstanding Paper award for CTS researchers

Green ITS

A paper by CTS researchers has won the Outstanding Paper Award at the 17th ITS World Congress in Busan. The paper titled “User needs in Green ITS: the results of a questionnaire survey on Dutch and Japanese drivers” was coauthored by Wing-Yan Man, Jing Bie and Bart van Arem. The paper was selected for its “outstanding scientific/technical research and excellent presentation”.

The award-winning paper looks into the different user needs and preferences in Green ITS. Green ITS systems aim to achieve fuel efficient behavior by providing drivers with information and/or advice. The paper finds out that drivers generally have a positive attitude towards Green ITS and most of them are interested in money-related Green ITS information. Based on this, the paper proposes a novel design for Green ITS.

The award is conferred by the 17th ITS World Congress Organizing Committee. ITS World Congress is an annual event which gather ITS experts and practitioners from all over the world. The 17th ITS World Congress took place from October 25-29, 2010 in Busan, Korea. The 18th ITS World Congress will take place between October 16-20, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

Outstanding Paper Award