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Improved accessibility Twente through clever cooperation

Improved accessibility Twente

Announcement Mobility survey

Last year, the University of Twente signed the covenant “Improved accessibility Twente through clever cooperation”. Purpose of the covenant is to improve the accessibility of the Twente region, including our university.

It is important to the UT that staff have easy access to their workplace. Besides, as an employer of so many people, we must contribute to excellent accessibility of the region as a whole. In a larger context in the future measures on a regional level will be realised.

From A to B


In order to take the proper measures, we would like to know first how people move and travel. That is why Twente Mobile, the party implementing the covenant, will conduct a survey among all the participating companies. The survey will start next month. In June you will receive a link to the digital questionnaire. For the survey at the UT, Twente Mobile works together with the Traffic, Transport and Space department of the CTW faculty. The survey will produce interesting data for this department which can be used as part of a broader study of mobility. Therefore it works both ways.