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Marieke Martens appointed Professor at CTS

Marieke Martens

January 2014

Marieke Martens is appointed part-time Professor at the Centre for Transport Studies at the University of Twente. Her research focuses on Human Factors and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


In modern road traffic, road users are supported by in-vehicle systems and roadway ITS (variable message signs and dynamic road lay-out). These systems aim to support the driver by providing information or warnings and may even (partly or completely) control the driving task with direct car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure communication. The interaction between the human driver and the technology is of utmost importance to create the assumed (safety) benefits. What will happen if driver expect to be supported and technology fails? May there be a loss of skill, will driver pay less attention to the road scene? Are drivers overloaded or even confused by all information that is provided? Marieke Martens will study the effects of ITS on driving behavior of road users, workload, distraction, attention, information processing, action, comfort, acceptance and traffic safety. The Human Machine Interaction (HMI) will play a central role in this Human Factors research.


Marieke combines her work at the University of Twente with work at TNO Human Factors. In the department of Traffic Behaviour her research focuses on driving behaviour, traffic safety, road design, driver support systems and driver state (fatigue, workload, attention, expectations). She received her PhD degree from the Free University in Amsterdam about the effects of expectations on visual attention and perception in driving. The title of her dissertation is: The failure to act upon important information: Where do things go wrong?