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Book Accessibility Analysis And Transport Planning - Challenges for Europe and North America by Karst Geurs, Kevin Krizek and Aura Reggiani published

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Accessibility is a concept central to integrated transport and land use planning. The goal of improving accessibility for all modes, for all people, has made its way into mainstream transport policy and planning in communities worldwide. This unique and fascinating book introduces new accessibility approaches to transport planning across Europe and the United States.

The expert contributors present a wide variety of perspectives on transport and communication issues and explore their impacts on society at an international level. Best practice in both accessibility analysis and modelling are highlighted via widely interdisciplinary approaches. Moreover, future objectives and areas for research are clearly addressed.

This book will prove an absorbing read for scholars, researchers and students working on accessibility issues across various academic fields including civil engineering, economics, geography, and the social sciences. Transport and urban planners will also find the book to be an invaluable reference tool.