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Roald J. van Loon MSc.

Roald van loonDuring his minor years, Roald was self-educated in computer science and started working in this area early on. In 2003, after high school, an educational track in computer science seemed the obvious choice. After two years in University and various software development jobs later, he accepted a full-time position as a GIS/Mobile researcher in a young technology company where he developed the interest in human behaviour and experimental research. After almost another two years, he returned to the University and earned a bachelor’s degree (2009) in Cognitive Psychology from Utrecht University followed by a master’s degree (2011) in Applied Cognitive Psychology from the same university. In an effort to combine his computer science and experimental psychology backgrounds with the desire to conduct applied research, Roald is currently pursuing a PhD at the knowledge centre for Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance (AIDA), a collaboration between Twente University and TNO.



Phone: +31 (0) 888 66 44 87

Email: roald.vanloon@tno.nl

Visiting address: TNO, Kampweg 5, 3769 ZG Soesterberg

Postal address: TNO, Postbus 23, 3769 ZG Soesterberg

Position: PhD Candidate


2007 – 2011 Systems engineer at a high-traffic social network site

2005 – 2007 Application engineer and GIS/Mobile technology researcher

2001 – 2005 Various work in software development


2009 – 2011

Applied Cognitive Psychology (MSc), Utrecht University

Thesis: Motion direction and perceived relative position: A review and psychophysical study into motion integration

2006 – 2009

Psychology (BSc), Utrecht University.

Thesis: Effects of task difficulty on lateralization of categorical and coordinate spatial judgements.

2003 – 2005

Information and Computer Sciences (unfinished), Utrecht University


2011 - Behavioural indicators for traffic safety


•Driving Behaviour

•Traffic Safety

•Behaviour Modelling

•Naturalistic Driving