Bachelor and Master projects with the VISICO Center

The VISICO Center always welcomes students that want to develop their own ideas in the area of visualization and simulation. In particular, the VISICO center welcomes any students that want to do work on a Bachelor or Master project in any direction that involves Building Information Modeling (BIM). Some suggestions are posted below. Please contact us for more information.

BIM, Construction Simulation, and Smart Construction Site

The following research topics can be explored:

1. Reconstruction of actual construction sites using GIS data and game engine.

2. Developing a weather-sensitive productivity simulation model for earthwork operations.

3. Image-based pose estimation of construction equipment using image processing.

4. Optimization of camera placement for tele-operated construction equipment.

5. Safety-sensitive site layout planning using Building Information Modeling.

Inner City Utility Construction Projects

Suggested projects in collaboration with selected municipalities, and contractors:

1.Developing construction simulations for urban infrastructure projects.

2.Conducting time-motion studies for utility construction to enhance realism productivity databases. 

4.Explore how excavation safety can be enhanced by using VR and BIM tools.

5. Exploring how subsurface information sources can be meaningfully collected, integrated, and used for construction planning.

Smart Cities

Examples of research topics that can be explored:

1. Analyzing the information needs to maintain the life cycle of inner city public infrastructures.

2. Evaluating the impact of urban/metropolitan Smart City ambitions on the construction & maintenance of public space.

Resource efficiency, circular building and coordination

Exemplary research projects contributing to more efficient use of resources:

1. BIM-based scheduling optimization for reverse logistics.

2. 5D (building cost) modeling for various end-of-life options.

3. Resource allocation and optimization for refurbishment projects.

4. Serious game development for coordination of reverse supply chains.

5. Supporting design of circular buildings with virtual reality tools.