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MSc. Meisam Yousefzadeh

Meisam Yousefzadeh -


Meisam is a PDEng-student works on designing an integrated data analysis system to support specific applications in 3D building reconstruction. The project mainly aimed to support decision making in the field of energetically renovation of apartment buildings. Input data will be the point cloud collected from buildings using accurate terrestrial and mobile laser scanners.  Semantic reasoning and geometrical conversions will be considered in this design to facilitate applications such as energy simulation. His project is hosted at 3D Geosolutions in Zutphen.

Meisam finished his M.Sc. in the field of Survey Engineering and Photogrammetry in his home country in 2007. Before joining VISICO, He participated in a 3D reconstruction research projects for two years in the university of Twente.