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Dr. ir. Léon olde Scholtenhuis

Dr. Léon olde Scholtenhuis -

Léon olde Scholtenhuis is assistent professor at the department of Construction Management and Engineering. Léon's curiosity drives him to researching how inner city projects can be facilitated with the implementation of new technologies. His interest covers both technological, IT as well as organizational issues. Currently, his research focuses on how the lifecycle of subsurface utilities can be operated efficiently by use of new (virtual) tools and techniques. He coordinates the module "Smart Ways to get Smart Cities Smarter", and is main instructor of the MSc. course BIM, 5D and Planning. Léon tutored over 10 BSc. assignments and was in the examination committee of three MSc. students. 

During his PhD, Léon developed and implemented 4D process visualization tools to support sewage construction projects. Léon has worked during his PhD (2012-2015) on the project Streamlining Inner City Sewer Construction. His project, which was financed by Stichting Pioneering, aimed to develop an approach that allows Virtual Design and Construction tools - such as 4D construction process visualization models - to streamline the coordination of clients, contractors, and authorities. Léon succesfully defended his thesis on Oct-22, 2015, and published his work in journals such as Automation in Contruction, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, and Construction Management and Economics.