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23-06-2016: CROW Infradagen 2016

The Construction Management and Engineering department - of which the VISICO group is part - presented its work at the National Dutch Infrastructure days (CROW Infradagen 2016). Prof. Dorée chaired the event which hosted about 150 participants from both industry and academia.

As speakers, Seirgei Miller, Janine Profijt, Fatemeh Mahmoudi, and Léon olde Scholtenhuis presented about their work on enhancing asphalt pavement machine-to-machine communication; improving vocational education for asphalt paving; developing safer ground piercing methods, and mapping of subsurface utilities. 

Papers are available from the CROW Infradagen website

PDeng student Fatemeh Mahmoudi - presenting part of her work about developing a safer method for ground piercing (23 June)