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23-6-2017 : International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering 2017

Dr. Léon olde Scholtenhuis attended the IWCCE 2017 Seattle conference to present two papers that are co-authored by VISICO group members and research partners from TU Delft and IFGI Münster (Germany). A third paper, co-authored by Dr. Farid Vahdatkhaki, was presented by his colleagues from the Concordia University (Canada) too. 

1. 3D approach for representing uncertainties of underground data; by LL olde Scholtenhuis, Sisi Zlatanova, Xander den Duijn

2.Decision support for test trench location selection with 3D semantic subsurface utility models; by Paulina Raxa, Lars Syfuss, Carl Schultz, Marc van Buiten, Léon olde Scholtenhuis, Farid Vahdatikhak, André Dorée

3. Towards developing an ontology for earthwork operations; by, Alhusain Taher, Farid Vahdatikhaki, Amin Hammad

The three papers were received well by reviewers and audience. The conference helped to establish new contacts, and to schedule follow up research meetings with peers from North America. All papers will appear in the conference proceedings soon.