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23-4-2013 Multifunctional Flood Defense Reflection Days at UT

In the STW program on integral and sustainable design of multifunctional flood defenses, VISICO researchers Julieta Matos Castano and Timo Hartmann work together with researchers from Delft, Wageningen, and the Water Engineering and Management group in Twente to develop scientific knowledge about multifunctional defenses. The group forms a multidisciplinary team  gaining insights about a multidisciplinary challenge!

Every three months, the research team meets to discuss the research progress. These are the so-called “reflection days”.  On Friday 19th April, the reflection day took place in Twente and we had the opportunity to organize it together with the water department of UT.

We enjoyed very much the animated discussions during the morning lectures about the analysis of an airport island location in the North Sea (by Prof. Hulscher), and ethnographic research techniques (by Dr. Timo Hartmann). In the afternoon, we played and tested a Lego game for the design of multifunctional flood defenses. It resulted in very interesting designs! (See pictures).

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