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8-12-2014: Paper publication on implementiation in simulation tools

“Mindfully implementing simulation tools for supporting pragmatic design inquiries”

Timo Hartmann, Léon olde Scholtenhuis, Vedran Zerjav, Carissa Champlin

This article perceives information system engineering as a process of pragmatic inquiry. Based on that, the paper provides a framework that allows designers and managers to balance and direct the efforts made in trade-offs for information systems development and implementation. These trade-offs take place between (1) problem formulation, (2) alternative generation and (3) experimentation. Essentially, the framework applies the four mindfulness principles (i.e. accounting for novelty, alertness to distinctiveness, sensitivity to different contexts, and awareness of multiple perspectives) to the field of simulation development. The framework was used to retrospectively analyze the implementation of a traffic simulation tool within the setting of municipal city engineering. The paper is published at Engineering Project Organization Journal, and can be downloaded here.