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9-7-2015: New low-tech game play-tested with Egyptian delegation

Games can be useful tools in construction education as they enable players to engage in an imaginary experience that they can relate to and understand. As part of his research, VISICO researcher Marc van den Berg has been developing a one-person game called ‘Tower of Infinity’ that was play-tested during a recent workshop with experts from the construction education domain, the vast majority being Egyptian. The game revolves around the design and construction of a multifunctional skyscraper in the heart of a city center. With the use of LEGO bricks, players need to come up with a design, purchase building materials and assemble the tower in line with that design. The game thereby aims to convey how design and construction tasks interact with each other and what it takes to coordinate those.

The feedback from the workshop’s participants was quite positive, although there is also room for improvement. After playing the game, a discussion was held on the themes of play (goals and rules of the game), reality (connection to practice) and meaning (value for education). Some reactions were that the game “concept is really interesting”, that it “describes to a great extent the problems faced in construction management” and that “it’s very useful” for education. However, many also argued that it is “hard to understand” and that “more instructions are needed” to explain the rules of the game. Such feedback is very valuable to further develop the game. As such, we have plans for digitalizing the game and testing it in different settings, with students as well as with industry practitioners.

More reflections on the workshop can be found here.