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10-6-2014: Good news! Our published journal paper in Advanced Engineering Informatics is Free to download!

A distributed data collection and management framework for tracking construction operations A. Vasenev, T. Hartmann, A.G. Dorée


Construction work typically means producing on shifting locations. Moving materials, equipment and men efficiently from place to place, in and in between projects, depends on good coordination and requires specialized information systems. The key to such information systems are appropriate approaches to collect de-centralized sensor readings and to process, and distribute them to multiple end users at different locations both during the construction process and after the project is finished. This paper introduces a framework for the support of such distributed data collection and management to foster real-time data collection and processing along with the provision of opportunities to retain highly precise data for post-process analyses. In particular, the framework suggests a scheme to benefit from exploiting readings from the same sensors in varying levels of detail for informing different levels of decision making: operational, tactical, and strategic. The sensor readings collected in this way are not only potentially useful to track, assess, and analyse construction operations, but can also serve as reference during the maintenance stage. To this extent, the framework contributes to the existing body of knowledge of construction informatics. The operationality of the framework is demonstrated by developing and applying two on site information systems to track asphalt paving operations.