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13-2-2013: Collaborative project on global engineering teams

VISICO is participating in a collaborative research project on global engineering teams. The global engineering research project is designed as a university course, in which students from University of Twente (UT), IIT-Madras (IIT), Virginia Tech(VT) and the University of Washington (UW) collaborate on joint tasks. The purpose of the project is: to provide students with an opportunity to increase their understanding of the practice of project management in the context of a global team, to expose students to advanced tools for project collaboration and planning, and to research how global virtual design teams can work together effectively. 

The team project requires student teams to work together to design a renovation, create a construction plan (schedule and estimate), write a report, and present their work. Each university team has the ability to share their work on a team wall in virtual space. Students are expected to do all of their work in the CyberGRID and Sococo virtual environments, and work concurrently with the other team members to create together the models, estimate, and schedule.

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