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PDEng - Developing a sustainable LCC method for industrial areas & business parks (Diruji Dugarte Manoukian)

PDEng Project: Arch. Diruji Dugarte Manoukian –

Supervisors: Dr. T. Hartmann and Prof.dr. A.G. Dorée.

Industrial Parks and Business Parks situation:

The need for innovative and cost effective approaches for infrastructure maintenance has never been more crucial. The financial status of Industrial Parks (IP) and Business Parks (BP) in the Netherlands, as well as in the rest of the world, has been greatly influenced by the 2007-2008 financial crisis. As a consequence, several IPs and BPs have suffered from infrastructural deterioration that needs to be revitalized. Therefore, one of the priorities facing municipalities nowadays is stimulating companies to invest and redefine such areas with the goal of improving its economic output and optimize the expenditure on its maintenance costs.


This project is focus in the development of a tool that gather the information of an asset and its life-cycle to enhance the Decision-Making Processes at the IPs and BPs. This tool will enable Asset Managers for making decision in their daily basis for the infrastructural maintenance work as well as to make strategic decision for the future for the IPs and BPs. Strategically decision for the future of this area can be influence by the collected data from this tool. To create the tool, a integrate a custom Digital Database, for this municipal areas, a LCA method and a Decision-Making Engine has to be design (as shown in the figure below).

Tool Schema:


BIM asset management support tool

C:\Users\Diru\Documents\ProjectGraphics\Live-cycle method def Diruji Dugarte.jpg