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PhD project - Streamlining Inner City Utility (Léon olde Scholtenhuis)

MSc. Léon olde Scholtenhuis-

The majority of the Dutch subsurface infrastructure is owned by myriads of public and private organizations. These organizations individually operate and maintain their utility networks. This complicates coordination and alignment of urban utility reconstruction plans. Work planners and project managers, for example, frequently struggle to effectively integrate and streamline schedules and plans of the various utility clients and their contractors. Moreover, it seems that current traditional/manual coordination practices further create stakeholder alignment puzzles. Eventually, this increases the likelihood of delays and overruns and frustrates the public surrounding urban utility projects.

To improve this situation, VISICO’s Inner City Utility Living Lab focuses on supporting the multi-stakeholder coordination in utility projects. We implement 4D construction process visualizations and discrete-event simulations to support explication of construction plans, visualization of project interfaces, and visual project rehearsal. These visualization and simulation features aim to enhance project coordination in various real-life utility projects. We evaluate the use of these tools using Weick, Sutcliffe and Obstfeld’s concepts of High Reliability and Mindfulness.

Completed projects:

Anninksweg Hengelo (2012), Gemeente Hengelo; Visualizing ongoing intersection and utilities reconstruction tasks

Dura Vermeer Infra Oost (2012-3), Simulating sewer system construction [MSc.-thesis]

Ethnographic development of a Domain Ontology for utility reconstruction projects (2012-3)

Sportlaan Delden (2013-4), Gemeente Hof van Twente; Visualization of planned sewer line reconstruction tasks

Toekomststraat Enschede (2013-4), Gemeente Enschede; Visualization of planned sewer constructiona activities

Koningsplein Enschede (2013-4), Gemeente Enschede; Visualizing phasing and cosntruction alternatives for large intersection reconstruction.

Present projects:

Gemeente Almelo; visualizing early-stage inner city canal, sewer and utilities reconstruction plans.


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