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Completed Projects

These are scientific papers for publication in journals or on conferences that VISICO staff is working on at the moment. Please be aware that these papers represent work in progress and are only posted here temporary until they have been finally published on a conference or in a journal.

Working paper #35

J.M. Janssen; dr. ir. T. Hartmann; Dr. S.H. Al-Jibouri 2015. “Location-based refurbishment planning in complex environments under ongoing operations”.

Working Paper #34

Lart Wolthuis; dr. ir. T. Hartmann 2014. “Decision Support System to conduct Life Cycle Cost Analysis for service life road pavement design using an object oriented model”.

Working Paper #33

Yiran Wang; dr. ir. T. Hartmann 2015. “How to facilitate information exchange process in BIM-related international construction project”.

Working Paper #32

Ioanna Athanasiou; dr. ir. T. Hartmann 2015. “Multifunctional Flood Defense Structures. An Integrated Benefit Calculation Method”.

Working Paper #31

H.S. Meijering; dr. ir. T. Hartmann; prof. dr. G. P. M. R. Dewulf 2015. “Towards change management in a digital building environment”.

Working Paper # 30

Chirtoglou, Alexandros-Sotirios; Dr. ir. Dipl.-Ing. T. Hartmann; Dr. ir. A. M. Adriaanse 2015. “How can handhelds and Building Information Modeling help foremen to support their daily tasks on site via the use of an integrated system”.

Working Paper # 29

Marc van den Berg, Hartmann, T., De Graaf, R.S., Veerman, M.T. 2014.“Exploring the impact of virtual reality in design review processes”

Working Paper # 28

Ing. R. Lubbers, Dr. T Hartmann, Dr. I. Stipanivic, Ing. M. Selhorst, Ir. R. ter Haar. 2014. “Build to maintain and operate”

Working Paper # 27

Julieta Matos_Castaño, dr. Timo Hartmann, prof. Geert Dewulf. 2014. “Ex-ante evaluation of integrated area development”.

Working Paper # 26

Champlin, C., Hartmann, T., Dewulf, G. P. M. R., & Flacke, J. 2014. "Achieving Functional Complexity: A situated planning support system development approach ”

Working Paper # 25

Amstel, Frederick M.C. van; Zerjav, Vedran; Hartmann, Timo; Voort, Mascha C. Van der; Dewulf, Geert P.M.R. 2014. “Expensive or expansive? Learning the value of boundary crossing in design projects”

Working Paper #24

M. ten Klooster 2013. “BIM benefits help to improve integrated tenders”

Working Paper #23

Bosscha, Edwin 2013. “Sensitivity analysis comparing level of detail and the accuracy of building energy simulations”

Working Paper #22

Hoitema, Simon, 2013. “Discrete-event Modelling of Inner City Sewer Construction Projects”

Working Paper #21

Thomas Snoep, 2013. “Benchmarking Communication and Motivation in

Engineering Projects”

Working Paper #19

Ruud Punte, 2012. “Optimalisatie van het werkvoorbereidingsproces”

Working Paper #18

Martijn Trebbe, 2012. “Samen werken in virtuele realiteit”

Working Paper #17

Jesse Mom, 2012. “Information delivery from architects to facility managers.”

Working Paper #16

Léon olde Scholtenhuis, 2012. “Stroomlijning van Binnenstedelijke Rioleringsprojecten.”

Working Paper #15

Hans Hoeber, 2012. “De meerwaarde van BIM in het specificatie en ontwerpproces volgens SE.”

Working Paper #14

Marijn v. d. Berg, 2012. “Informatiemanagement: Een reductie in de ontwerpkosten van infrastructuur.”

Working Paper #13

Sander Verstegen, 2011. "Onderzoeksrapport Institutions en BIM"

Working Paper #12

Eric Goorts, 2011. "Working Integrated with Using Systems Dynamics."

Working Paper #11

Jan Lodewijks, 2011. "Quantitative Space Requirement Analysis for Construction Logistics Planning."

Working Paper #10

Thomas Schonk, 2010. "Social Network Analysis as Support for Stakeholder Engagement within Construction Projects."

Working Paper #9

J. Elzenga, 2010. "Occupancy Based Energy Simulation for Meaningful Design Decision Making."

Working Paper #8

S. Gijezen, 2009. "Organizing 3D Building Information Models with the help of Work Breakdown Structures to improve the Clash Detection Process."

Working Paper #7

Paul Zanen, 2009. "Method for Modeling the Impacts of a Highway Construction Project on the Public using 4D CAD."

Working Paper #6

Hendrik van Meerveld, 2009. "Reflections on Estimating - The Effects of Project Complexity and the Use of BIM on the Estimating Process."

Working Paper #5

Bert Lankheet, 2009. "4D Models for Safety Planning of Hospital Renovations."

Working Paper #4

Stephan Meijers, Timo Hartmann & Geert Dewulf. "Conflict Management in Concurrent Engineering, a Case Study."

Working Paper #3

Paul Zanen & Timo Hartmann 2010. "The Application of Construction Project Management Tools - An Overview of Tools For Managing and Controlling Construction Projects."

Working Paper #2

Timo Hartmann & Leon Olde Scholtenhuis 2009. "Comparing numerical and graphical user interfaces for traffic simulation programs."

Working Paper #1

Leon Olde Scholtenhuis & Timo Hartmann. 2009. "Visualizing and simulating inner city construction work to support multi-stakeholder meetings."