Fluid Structure Interaction

Within the field of fluid-structure interaction we take into account the following phenomena:

- Compressibility

- Turbulence

And we aim to give answers to the following research questions:

- What is the force of the flow on the structure?

- What is the influence of the structure on the flow?

Our research concentrates on mathematical, physical and numerical modelling of such flows, but we also do physical experiments on model valves (at TNO/TPD Delft). Various levels of approach are currently being employed:

- Euler equations

- Navier-Stokes equations

- ODE valve modelling

- Forces, vorticity formulation


- Compressor valves (sponsered by TNO/TPD)

Group members involved

- Rob Hagmeijer

- Arie Biesheuvel

- Mico Hirschberg

- Harry Hoeijmakers

- Remco Habing