30-10-2008: Koen van Andel wins Unilever research prize 2008

Koen van Andel wins Unilever research prize 2008

Dr. Kees van der Waaij, director Unilever Netherlands,
presents the Unilever Prize to Koen van Andel

On October 30 2008 the Unilever research prizes were awarded for the 52nd time in Vlaardin­gen at the central research laboratories of Unilever by the director of Unilever Netherlands, dr. Kees van der Waaij.

With the Unilever research prize Unilever expresses its appreciation for leading scientific re­search at Dutch universities in the fields of chemistry, biology, mechanical engineering and so­cial sciences. Each year 13 prizes are awarded, one for a graduate from each Dutch university.

Koen van Andel was the winner from the University of Twente, the third winner from Engineering Fluid Dynamics.

According to dr. Kees van der Waaij from Unilever: Koen graduated with distinction (cum laude). The title of his thesis report is “Particle Image Velocimetry of flow fields in a centrifugal pump impeller”. He studied flow fields in impellers of centrifugal pumps. A new test rig was developed and made operational for the performed Particle Image Velocimetry measurements. Koen was lauded for his enthusiasm, critical approach, creativity and deep understanding of flu­id flow problems. Koen is also good at explaining difficult scientific concepts in simple words. He was asked to demonstrate this by explaining his work a few sentences, which Koen did very well.

Besides these pleasant words, Koen also received a monetary prize and a work of art, “The Ovum”.