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Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring of Advanced Composite Structures

One of the key issues in composite structures for aircraft applications is the early identification of damage. Often service induced damage does not involve visible plastic deformation, but internal matrix related damage, like transverse cracks and delaminations. Structural health monitoring proposes a promising alternative for current costly and time consuming maintenance procedures (figure 1). Untitled-1

Figure 1: Time consuming and costly maintenance inspections.

A wide range of technologies, comprising dynamics based methods, is employed for health monitoring purposes. Defining damage sensitive parameters that are able to uniquely identify damage scenarios based on measured field data under real operational conditions is one of the key challenges for these technologies. Current experimental and numerical research concentrates on the feasibility of various SHM approaches (figure 2) to identify impact induced damage at skin-stiffener connections of advanced composite aircraft structures.


Figure 2: A multidisciplinary Structural Health Monitoring process.

Research Projects

Clean Sky – EcoDesign

Integrated structural health monitoring systems for aerospace applications