Dr.ir. Harm Wisselink (H.H.)


Room: HR N146
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 2545
E-mail: H.H. Wisselink
Position: Senior application scientist (Materials innovation institute M2i)

Main Research Interest

  • Nonlinear finite element analysis-Modelling of ductile damage and failure-Material modelling.-Modelling of sheet and bulk metal forming processes.

Research Projects

Pipe slitting

Modelling and optimization of a rotational slitting process (Bosch Transmission Technology) PressPerfect
Development and integration of constitutive material models for stainless steel, which combine large deformation plasticity with models of phase transformation, aging and surface treatment (Philips CL).

Previous Research Projects

Implementation of Hutchinson-Neale wrinkling criterion (TATA steel). Crashworthiness

Application of strain rate dependent failure models in the Y-type crashworthy side structure (Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding). Bolt Joints
Load transfer in coated bolt joints (DAF). Shape Rolling
Shape rolling of stator vanes (Sulzer eldim). Deepdrawing

Modelling warm deepdrawing of aluminium and hydromechanical deepdrawing (TATA steel, Polynorm, TNO). Stretch forming
FE simulation of the stretch forming of aluminium aircraft skins (Fokker).


Analysis of guillotining and slitting, finite element simulations (IOP, TATA steel, TNO, Philips).