dr.ir. Daan Waanders (D.)


Room: HR N130
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 4567
E-mail: D. Waanders
Position: Post-doc

Main Research Interest

Main research interests are constitutive material modelling and finite element analysis.

Research Projects


The goal of this project is to create a methodology to predict the performance of high quality stainless steel after forming and finishing treatments. The performance is used to link end-customer requirements to steel production conditions. This methodology is tested on three different types of steel and routings: 1) martensitic stainless steel & heat treatment; 2) Austenitic stainless steel & nitrocarburising; 3) Precipitation hardening stainless steel & precipitation hardening and simultaneous nitrocarburising. The approach is to create knowledge based constitutive models of these materials. This will be implemented in a commercial finite element solver and workshops.


The overall goal of my PhD research was to provide more insight into the micromechanical fatigue and static response of the cement-bone interface of cemented total hip arthroplasty (THA) reconstructions. Furthermore, it was investigated how this micromechanical behavior affects the mechanics of cemented THA reconstructions on a macro scale. The outcomes of this study has contributed to a much better understanding of cement-bone interface mechanics, also with respect to its morphology, and its effect of the cemented reconstruction. This research was performed at the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. http://repository.ubn.ru.nl/bitstream/2066/93529/1/93529.pdf