MSc. Can Altunlu (A.C.)


Room: HR N135
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 3405
E-mail: Can Altunlu

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

THE ANALYSIS OF MECHANICAL INTEGRITY IN GAS TURBINE ENGINES AT COMBUSTION INSTABILITIES: Structural dynamics based health monitoring, fatigue, creep, fracture mechanics and instability condition monitoring.

Limousine is a new Marie Curie Initial Training network funded by the European Commission under Framework 7. It represents a multidisciplinary initiative to strengthen the fundamental scientific work in the field of thermo-acoustic instabilities in combustion systems, and is motivated by the need for lean combustion technologies and reduced emissions.

Research Project


The focus is on the limit cycle behaviour of the unstable pressure oscillations in gas turbines due to combustion instabilities, and on the resulting elevated mechanical vibrations at high temperatures.


Stringent regulations are introduced towards reducing pollutant emissions and preserving our environment. Lowering NOx emission is one of the main targets of industrial gas turbine engines for power generations. The combustion zone temperature is one of the critical parameter, which is directly proportional to NOx emission levels. Premixing excessive amount of air with fuel before delivering to the combustor can reduce the temperature, at which combustion takes place, by burning a leaner mixture. Therefore, new generation combustion systems for modern gas turbines are introduced, which are named lean, premixed (LP) combustion systems. However, LP combustion systems are prone to themo-acoustically induced combustion instabilities, which are excited by a feedback mechanism between heat release, pressure and flow-mixture oscillations. Consequently, high amplitude oscillations of pressure are generated and heat transfer is generated that results in mechanical vibrations at elevated temperatures, thus degradation of mechanical integrity of combustor components due to fatigue and creep damage. The investigation is performed towards the aim of the LIMOUSINE project. The main focus is devoted to improve the understanding of two-way interaction between combustion instabilities and structure, and the development and application of design and operation tools used for mechanical integrity analysis of the combustor.

Recent jobs

2012 / LABORELEC GDF Suez, Brussels, Belgium: Mechanical Integrity Engineer (Secondment)
Project: Lifetime analyses using integrated fluid-structure approach for combustion dynamics in gas turbines

2011 / SIEMENS, Lincoln, United Kingdom: Stress Engineer (Secondment)
Project: Gas turbine combustion hot path components lifing based on fatigue and creep aspects and residual life prediction by eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM) based fracture mechanics

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