Stil Veilig Wegverkeer


Start: 01-01-2011
End: 31-12-2015


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Stil Veilig Wegverkeer


  • Y.H. Wijnant
  • Ir. M. Bezemer-Krijnen
  • D.J. Schipper
  • M. Mokhtari, MSc


The project Stil Veilig Wegverkeer is about the optimisation of tyres and roads for safety, environmental and sustainable aspects. The project is split into several project activities; equipment, grip, noise and tyre and road prototyping. The research is mostly concentrated in the activities grip and noise and is divided among two PhD-students; one PhD student is working on a detailed friction model to describe the micro-contact between the tyre and the road, another PhD-student is working on a numerical model to find silent tyre-road combinations. Both models will be combined in this project and together with the other project activities they will give an unique insight into integral tyre-road contact.
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The numerical model describing the noise generation by tyre-road contact is based on the vibrations caused by the interaction of the tyres and the road. These vibrations can be divided into two main groups. One group includes effects caused by mechanical vibrations, such as impact and adhesion mechanisms. The other group is related to aero dynamical effects, and are caused by air displacement mechanisms. A selection of these generation mechanisms is shown in the figure [1].
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The numerical model includes a finite element model to find the mechanical vibrations of a tyre rolling on a road. The results of these computations are used to find the noise generated by a rolling tyre. The sound radiation is computed using a boundary element method. The radiated sound of a tyre with grooves on a ISO asphalt is shown in the figure below [1].
M:\Documents\UT - Algemeen\Template website\soundRadiation1000Hz.png


[1]A. Schutte, Numerical Simulation of Tyre/Road Noise, PhD thesis. University of Twente (2011).