Summer school 2014, programming in LabVIEW

The department Applied Mechanics organises a summer school course of the graphical programming language LabVIEW.

For whom is this course

This course is for all people who want to learn to develop applications with LabVIEW. It does not matter whether you are a bachelor, master or PhD student: all students are eligible to participate in the course.

What do you learn on this course

The course is a practical where you will learn the basics of LabVIEW. After you have followed the course you are able to:

  • Use the basic program principles like for and while loops, array manipulation, clusters and type definitions
  • Develop instrument control to manage a measurement setup
  • Design a modular software structure
  • Design a state machine and/or parallel loop structure
  • Design an event based program structure
  • Implement error handling
  • Building a user interface
  • Implement different file IO techniques

More information can be found on blackboard, course Programmeren van Data Acquisitie Software (1100236)


The course material, inclusive sheets, are in English but the course will be given in Dutch and after consultation English is possible.


The course is planned to start on Monday 11 August until Wednesday 20 August 2014 daily from 9.00 to 17.00 in room OH 116 building De Horst.

The course is split into two parts:

  • The first part of the course is from Monday to Thursday. In this part, presentations will be alternated with exercises on the different subjects of the course.
  • During the second part of the course from Friday to Tuesday, you will design and build your own application as a final assignment with the subjects you have learned in the first part. There are some assignment available to work out, but it is also possible to bring your own assignment. For example, you can make a start with an application you need build as part of your graduation or PhD research.
  • On the last Wednesday of the course, there are demonstrations of the applications that are built in the final assignment.

How to participate

If you are interested to participate in the course you can subscribe via blackboard or by sending an e-mail.
Programmeren van Data Acquisitie Software (1100236) (see:


If you have still some questions you can contact Z.A.J. Lok.