Project C: Thermodynamics & Chain management

Project C (Thermodynamics & Chain management) (110304)

Course name NL Project C (Thermodynamica en Ketenbeheer)

Year of study 2009

Course language Dutch

Course description The project has the following learning objectives

To gain knowledge and skills for designing installations which are generating and transporting heat and power by applying knowledge from the course engineering thermodynamics.

To gain knowlegde in designing a product and their life cycle. With minimalisation of energy consumption and harmful environmental effects.

To gain knowledge in programming techniques for usage in the thermodynamics.

To gain experience in working in a small team who designs complex installations and products described above.

The following courses are integrated in the project Technische Thermodynamica ( which will be separately examined), Ketenbeheer.



Participating progr. Mechanical Engineering (BSc) (WB)

Phase B1 Semester S2

Teaching methods Project

Assessment Projectreport, presentation and oral projectexamination

Conditions for enrollment

Credits 8.0 EC

WTM-objective A To develop social responsibilities

Contact person T.H. van der Meer

Teaching staff ir. M.E. Toxopeus, ir. E.A. Bramer, mw. dr. G.G.M. Stoffels, A.K. Pozarlik, ing. J.B.M. Bossink, T.H. van der Meer, J.B.W. Kok