Gas Technology

Gas technology (114143)

Year of study 2009

Course language English

Course description In this course the various technological processes and equipment used in the gasindustry will be evaluated. Attention will be paid to the full 'gas chain', from the processing of (natural) gases, transport, storage and distribution of gas, up to the use of gas in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. In this respect, safety, security of supply, costs and environmental aspects of the gas chain will be discussed. The effects of liberalization of the gas (energy) market will be illustrated, and the newest developments in the field of gas treatment, gas infrastructure management and gas applications (erg. decentralized power production by use of micro-cogeneration) will be discussed. The future use of renewable energy sources for gas supply (erg. biogas, SNG, H2) will be illustrated as well.

The objective of this course is to globally assess (new) options, such as new processes, technologies, products and concepts, on its consequences for the gas business. It will be shown that the supply of natural gas can be used as a bridge to a sustainable energy supply.

Participating progr. Industrial Engineering & Management (BSc) (TBK)

Phase M Study period K4

Chemical Engineering (BSc) (ST)

Phase M Study period K4

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Phase M Study period K4

Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM)

Phase M Study period K4

Civil Engineering & Management (CEM)

Phase M Study period K4

Teaching methods Lecture

Contact hours pw 2

Assessment Assignment

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Prior knowledge Desired

basic technological expertise

Credits 3.6 EC

Contact person M. Wolters (

Teaching staff + invited speakers from industry and R&D Centers., M. Wolters

Course material SyllabusReader Gas Technology (max. 10 Euro)


Power Point sheets

Number of students min. 8 - max. 30

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