Transport in turbulent chemically reacting flows

Transport in turbulent chemically reacting flows (114142)

Year of study 2009

Course language English

Course description The course treats the transport in gaseous fluida, for example diffusion, convection or chemical reaction. Turbulence has a large effect on both convective transport and chemical reaction. The course intends to give an overview of the major processes, and a description by means of transport equations is presented. Numerical tools (Computational Fluid Dynamics) are used for product optimization and analysis. In the course an assignment in the use of a chemical equilibrium code andor laminar flame code will be given. The course will be finalized by means of a computer assignment on the use of the CFD package CFX Ansys. A practical case will be worked out in teams of two students. Experience with CFD is beneficial but not required. The marking will be done on basis of the assignment reports and an oral exam.

Participating progr. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Phase M Semester S2

Teaching methods Lecture, Practical

Assessment assignments

Prior knowledge Obligatory

115414 Fluid dynamics and heat transfer


114101 Engineering thermodynamics

574003 Energy from Biomass

Credits 3.6 EC

Contact person J.B.W. Kok

Teaching staff J.B.W. Kok

Course material Handouts