Engineering thermodynamics

Engineering thermodynamics (114101)

Course name NL Technische thermodynamica

Year of study 2009

Course language Dutch

Course description Thermodynamics can be defined as the science of energy. It deals with different forms of energy and its transformations, including the production of work and cooling and the relations between properties of matter. In practice engineers use thermodynamics to study devices and installations that are used to convert energy into other forms of energy. Amongst others, this can be a steam power plant, a gas turbine, an internal combustion engine or a system for cooling or heating.

Content The course introduces thermodynamic concepts and definitions necessary to use thermodynamics for practical applications. Treated are, energy, entropy, enthalpy, exergy, several systems and processes, the behavior of fluids and gasses under different circumstances, conservation laws of energy and entropy for open and closed systems and the (Carnot) efficiency of systems. The laws of thermodynamics are applied to water-vapor cycles, gas turbine cycles, combustion engines and refrigerators and heat pumps

Objective To describe the thermodynamic behavior of fluids and gasses in engineering devices, systems and installations used for the production of workpower or the transfer of heatcold. To have insight in the efficiency and the energy input and output of such systems.

Participating progr. Mechanical Engineering (BSc) (WB)

Phase B1 Semester S2

Teaching methods Lecture, Seminar

Contact hours pw 8

Assessment Written examination (open book)

Prior knowledge Necessary

151072 Mathematics II 152026 Calculus I

151072 Mathematics II

152026 Calculus I

Credits 4.5 EC

Contact person mw. dr. G.G.M. Stoffels

Teaching staff mw. dr. G.G.M. Stoffels

Course material Thermodynamics, an Integrated Learning System, P.S. Schmidt, O.A. Ezekoye, J.R. Howell and D.K. Baker, John Wiley & Sons, 2006, ISBN 0 471-66126-0.

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