Energy from Biomass

Energy from Biomass (574003)

Year of study 2009

Course language English

Course description The course will start with an introduction on the global energy resources and the role of biomass, with aspects of biomass as a renewable energy source and global warming.

Biomass characterization, analysis and the basic principles of biomass treatment steps like drying storage, torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification combustion; energy conversion will be discussed.

Modeling of biomass conversion on particle and reactor scale will be examined. Chemical, thermo dynamical, heat and mass transfer aspects will be handled.

The thermo chemical processes of biomass conversion like combustion, gasification and pyrolysis will be discussed in more detail. The different types of equipment applied in these processes will be treated.

Attention will be given to the co-production of valuable products (e.q. bio-chemicals) and fuels from biomass, so-called biorefinery.

Emissions of solid and gaseous components and the measures to prevent these emissions will be part of the course.

Participating progr. Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)

Phase M Study period K2

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Phase M Study period K2

Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Phase M Study period K2

Teaching methods Lecture, Seminar

Contact hours pw 8

Assessment Written examination + assignment(s)

Prior knowledge Obligatory

See admission criteria master SET; vwo niveau scheikunde, reactorkunde, transportverschijnselen.

Credits 4.0 EC

Contact person ir. E.A. Bramer, dr. S.R.A. Kersten

Teaching staff ir. E.A. Bramer, G. Brem, W.P.M. van Swaaij, dr. S.R.A. Kersten

Course material Hand-outs

Literature Syllabus Energy from biomass

Extra information The biomass course is given for the first time in the course of 2006-2007 and is accessible for master students from SET.