Catalytic flash pyrolysis of biomass in a fluidized bed to produce a high quality bio oil

The world\'s energy demand is evermore increasing while resources are running scarcer. Sustainable sources of energy are desired to satisfy the demand for energy. Pyrolysis oil made from biomass is a promising sustainable form of energy although the quality is low in comparison to fossil fuels. The quality of the pyrolysis oil needs to be improved before it can be successfully used in in diesel engines and other prime movers.

To investigate the upgrading of pyrolysis oil, an experimental setup is designed for the study of catalytic flash pyrolysis at an capacity of 1 kg/hour feed of biomass. A fluidized bed is used to optimize contact of produced pyrolysis vapours with the catalyst. A new spray condenser for cooling and collection of pyrolysis oil is designed, erected and tested. Calcium-oxide is used as catalyst for deoxygenation to lower the acidity and to increase the energy density.

The new installation proved to be useful for catalytic pyrolysis and the analyses on the products show promising deoxygenation results.