Solar driven water-out-of-air production device




Since October 2010, H2OnSite is active in the field of water-out-of-air technology, using a heat pump driven by renewable energy to produce drinking-water in remote and rural areas. The water Extraction Module (WEM) is our key technology. H2OnSite’ patent is based on the drive of the WEM with any renewable energy resource.

Vision and cooperation

H2OnSite philosophy and strong believe is: do it sustainable and you can’t do it alone.

Traditional water production ends its limits. Aquifers and desalination are not a sustainable solution. An unused water resource, humid in the air, is said as too small and energetically unprofitable. Both are true. However using renewable energy solves at least the energy issue and make it possible to serve water even when no water is available.

Cooperation is the key to success, therefore, we work from the start with the various companies and organizations. Using each other’s knowhow and network. Often resulting in participation by the participants in the company itself.

Fields of interest include wind energy, solar energy, heat pump, absorption coolers, refrigerants, energy storage, refrigerator compressors, steam turbine technology, climate.


Solar powered water production device

H2OnSite is applying existing technology, the latest ideas and know-how to create new concepts and solutions. Focus is economics with high volume production. Goal of this master assignment is to develop a theoretical substantiate of the new concept and when possible the realization of a test setup. H2OnSite search for existing technology for this new composition, has (so far) resulted in the following technology;


UHV, Ultra High Vacuum solar panel, produces thermal fluid with a high efficiency.


Absorption cooler, driven by a heat source.


Hybrid dry cooler, allow, enhanced high efficiency

The main tasks of the assignment are the following:


Getting familiar with H2OnSite’ WEM technology


Developing a thermal model based on available and new technology


Making basic design, with high volume production as basis


Implementing the thermal system to simulate the water production in the several circumstances


Design of a test setup


Experimental validation of the numerical results.

Period: 2012-2013

Duration: ± 10 months

Location: Breukelen / Enschede

Education: Faculty of Engineering Technology, Laboratory of Thermal Engineering

Skills and competences student:


Independent and cooperative


Analytical skills


Familiar with heat pump, thermodynamics,


Interested in / skilled in flow simulations

Interpretation of the assignment:


The work will be performed in intense cooperation with H2OnSite, the participants and the Thermal Engineering group of University of Twente.


It’s possible to do a part of the job in Breukelen, but that’s up to the students wishes.


Test facility is available at H2OnSite to perform experimental validation studies

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