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Among the many different ways of extracting useful products from biomass, one possibility is to convert the feedstock into oil through the pyrolysis process. The oil that results from this process is referred to as pyrolysis oil and can potentially be used as a liquid bio-fuel for industrial burners.

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A pyrolysis oil sample

A promising application is to use the pyrolysis oil as a fuel for gas turbine engines. However, new combustor designs are required for this purpose due to the difference in combustion behaviour compared to fossil fuels. In order to optimize the design of these new combustors, it is important to gain insight using CFD models.

The goal of this assignment is to develop a CFD model which can be used to simulate pyrolysis oil combustion in the novel combustor. The research is performed in collaboration with OPRA Gas Turbines and BTG-BTL.

The main tasks of the assignment are the following:


Getting familiar with the commercial CFD code that is used for the simulations.


Developing a combustion model for pyrolysis oil.


Implementing the new combustion model in the CFD code to simulate the behavior of a pyrolysis oil flame in a gas turbine combustor.


Experimental validation of the numerical results.

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Simulation of the temperature field in a gas turbine combustor