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PhD Thermal engineering, UT, 21-01-2011, Dissertation title: “The application of a Pulsed Compression Reactor for the generation of syngas from methane”, ISBN 978-90-365-3142-9

Master of Science Mechanical engineering, UT, 23-02-2007, Master thesis title: “Spectroscopy in turbulent combustion”

International Baccalaureate, International School Hilversum, June 2001


Since April 2011 I have been involved in research initiated and funded by Antecy at the University of Twente. The research focusses on a process for the production of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from carbon dioxide captured from air, using sustainable energy sources. Within this project the main research effort at the University of Twente is directed at the efficient capture of carbon dioxide from air, as well as creating insight in the overall process energy and mass flows.

It is my opinion that the approach that Antecy takes towards the development of this technology as two important merits. Firstly the research done by and for Antecy is done from a highly pragmatic point of view: the research is undertaken with a clear goal in mind and efforts are distributed accordingly. Secondly, the funding method pursued by Antecy, crowd funding, is a unique way of funding research of this nature. It allows for the involvement of enthusiastic individuals wishing to contribute to a technology that may significantly contribute to the reduction of the carbon dioxide problem.

There are many factors that contribute to the likelihood of success of the technological solutions under development by Antecy: among others rising prices of fossil fuels, growing public awareness of the environmental problems associated with mass emission of greenhouse gasses and the increasing availability and reliability of sustainable energy alternatives. However, there are also serious hurdles to be taken: efficient capture of the required carbon dioxide, efficient generation of the hydrogen gas needed for the process and the development of alternative routes to liquid hydrocarbon fuels from carbon dioxide. The research activities of Antecy are in my opinion making every effort to overcome these hurdles and make solar fuels a competitive alternative to fossil hydrocarbons.