Ir. Isaac P. Barendregt


Research Topic

Development of a supercritical diesel reformer in a hybrid fuel cell system (SuperDiesel).

Curriculum Vitae


PhD project for the Royal Netherlands Navy at TNO-MEP, department of Energy Systems, and the University in Twente, faculty of Mechanical Engineering, laboratory of Thermal Engineering.


Civil employee in the Royal Netherlands Navy, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, in several jobs in the naval ship design process:

Research and development engineer on propulsion and energy systems;

Head of the conceptual design group on propulsion and energy systems;

Technical coordinator for the 2nd Landing Platform Dock ship (HNLMS Johan de Witt);

Head of the design group on Integrated Logistic Support;

Team leader naval ship design;


Military service in the Royal Netherlands Army.


Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Delft.

Master's thesis: Design of an innovative container terminal for the year 2012, at European Combined Terminals (ECT) in Rotterdam and the laboratory of Transportation Technology.