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Research title:

Ultra Rich Combustion of Hydrocarbons and Soot Formation

Research topic:

Soot is produced in many important industrial combustion systems. The typical evolution of soot is different in systems which are globally lean and systems which are globally rich. In this research the focus will be on soot formation in globally rich natural gas flames at elevated pressure.

Globally rich combustion of hydrocarbons, also called high temperature partial oxidation (HTPO), is used to produce syngas (H2/CO mixture). Due to the large volume fraction of fuel rich mixture and large residence time in a fuel rich mixture, soot formation in HTPO is difficult to eliminate. The majority of soot is formed in the flame zone. Near the burner where oxidizing species are still abundant, a competition between soot formation and soot oxidation will take place. However, downstream in the post flame zone, when no oxidizer is left, the soot level will stay constant or may even increase gradually. This is in contrast to globally lean systems where ample oxygen remains in the post flame zone to oxidize the soot. It is therefore important to minimize the amount of soot leaving the flame zone via burner design. The technological objective of HTPO is to achieve an optimal syngas output composition, with low soot content and small residence times. In general these are conflicting demands and the design has to be optimized with respect to the downstream processes.

Curriculum Vitae:


PhD at the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering of the University of Twente.

Project: “Ultra Rich Combustion of Hydrocarbons and Soot Formation.


Academic researcher at the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering of the University of Twente.

Project: “DLN Combustor: Design and Performance”. The project was a co-operation between the University of Twente, the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and Sulzer Turbo Services Venlo BV.


M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente

Master thesis title: “Analysis of the CFI combustion model and its application on jet flames.” (09-11-2007)