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Room: Horst N219

Phone: +3153 489 2559

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E-mail: t.j.taha@ctw.utwente.nl

Research Title:

Heat transfer to micro- and nanostructures surfaces

Research description:

The topic of research is new materials with extremely high heat transfer. These materials help to minimize exergy losses in heat exchangers. For instance, in thermo-acoustic and thermo-chemical heat pumps these losses have a large influence on their final application.

High heat transfer is achieved by depositing carbon nano-fibers on the heat exchange surface. This results in a substantial improvement of the exchange of heat between the surface and the surrounding fluid flow. Two types of carrier materials for the carbon nano-fibers wil be used: metal foam for thermo-chemical systems, and gas to liquid heat exchangers for thermo-acoustic systems. It leads to structures with low flow resistance and high heat transfer coefficient. A preliminary study showed that depositing carbon nano-fibers on metal foam can increase the heat transfer to the foam with 40%. Of course this involves a higher flow resistance.

The aim of the research is to study in depth the effect of carbon nano-fibers deposited on heat transfer surface for heat transfer to/ from a fluid. At first materials will be synthesized in a very controlled manner by growing carbon nano-fibers with in situ measurements of the weight increase and the heat of reaction of the synthesis process. Heat transfer to/from the new materials will be determined experimentally. Structural and morphological effect of the CNFs on heat transfer will be studied and optimal configuration will be derived. A production facility for the synthesis of carbon nano-fibers will be designed and built. Finally the performance of the new materials can be determined at ECN in test rigs of a thermo-acoustic and a thermo-chemical heat pump.


09/2010 - Present  PhD student at the laboratory of Thermal Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Faculty

University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

09/2008 - 09/2010  M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Technology

University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

Master assignmentCFD modeling of ash deposition and co-combustion of biomass and coal in a large scale power plant

08/2007 - 08/2008  Graduate assistant

Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia

11/2002 - 07/2007  B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia