Miladin Markovic


Room: N.221

Tel: +31 53 489 3564



2009-2013: PhD researcher, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Energy technology research group, University of Twente

2007: MSc. Mech. Eng, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Thermal Engineering, University of Belgrade. Master project: “Scroll compressors with Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI system)”.


Sustainable energy is an important issue for our society. The main sources for sustainable energy for now and in the near future will be biomass and residues of biomass (waste streams). One of the dominating technologies for biomass combustion is the grate furnace technology. In this technology the chemical energy of the biomass is converted into electricity with efficiencies of around 20%. New developments may increase this efficiency to 30-40%. However, at present both process design and process control are mainly based on empiricism. Therefore, more fundamental knowledge on the main processes occurring in such a plant is required for the development of a new grate combustion concept with higher efficiencies, lower emissions and a better ash quality.

The focus of the research is to:


reveal the main mechanisms of the combustion process on a grate,


develop combustion and flow models for solids combustion on a grate,


validate the model with experiments in a laboratory facility, and


develop a design of a new advanced grate combustion concept.