A.C. Louwes

Alexander (Alex) Louwes

Contact Information:

Room: Horst N219, University of Twente
E-mail: a.c.louwes@utwente.nl

Research Title:

Production of high-quality biofuels from flash pyrolysis of torrefied biomass.

Research Topic:

Biomass is the only green source to produce renewable liquid transportation fuels and in this way it can play a major role in fulfilling the sustainable energy goals of the governments. Biofuels produced from non-edible biomass are denoted by second generation biofuels in contrary with first generation biodiesel and bio-ethanol competing with the food chain.

One way to produce oil from biomass is via flash pyrolysis, a fast process that heats up the biomass particles in a few seconds producing an oil vapor. However, the quality of the present pyrolysis oil is not good enough for applications in the existing infrastructure.

In this project we would like to improve the quality of the oil by pretreatment of the biomass. The pretreatment consists of torrefaction of biomass. The influence of the torrefaction conditions and the biomass properties on the quality of the pyrolysis oil will be investigated in experimental set-ups. The research group has developed different facilities such as a bench-scale fluidized bed and a 30 kg/h pilot-plant for flash pyrolysis.

Curriculum Vitae:

PhD candidate at the research group of Thermal Engineering, University of Twente.

MSc. Sustainable Energy Technology, University of Twente.

BSc. Advanced Technology, University of Twente.