M. Kapucu


Room: Horst N.244

Phone: +31-53-4891091

E-mail: m.kapucu@utwente.nl

Research Topic

Gas turbine engines are the most efficient engines for power generation at a scale of 20-400 MW, combining a very compact design with low maintenance and high reliability. Nevertheless their robustness could decrease when some parts of engine are exposed to an anomalous oscillating pressure load. This load is generated by thermo acoustic instabilities, which are violent oscillations caused by feedback between combustion and pressure waves.

The LIMOUSINE project, which is inside of FRAMEWORK 7 brings a multi-disciplinary approach to study these phenomena. Academic, Research Institutes and Industrial partners work together in different aspects of the problem. The communication between partners becomes of the utmost importance.

My task in the project is experimentally investigate how thermo acoustic instabilities occur in high pressure combustor. The Experimental setup is designed within the framework of the DESIRE project is able to work with a maximal thermal power equal to 500 kW at 5 bar absolute pressure. The burner is of the radial swirler type (with a swirl number of 0.7). Natural gas is used as a fuel in technically premixed mode operation.

Curriculum Vitae

Master’s Degree (2005-2008): Faculty of Technical Education Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Department of Mechanical Engineering - Fluid Dynamics The Faculty of Engineering and Technology University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands (Erasmus Program from 2007 to 2008)

Master’s Thesis: Entropy Generation for Different Viscosity Models in Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Annular Pipe (Kocatepe University)

Dynamic Stall (University of Twente)

Bachelor’s Degree (2001-2005): Department of Machine Design and Construction, Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Bachelor’s Thesis: Design and Manufacturing of a Concentric-Cylinder Viscometer

Projects Experience:

“Limit cycles of thermoacoustic oscillations in gas turbine combustors”, (LIMOUSINE) sponsored by Marie Curie initial training networks, an EU-project, Since Sep. 2009.

“Investigation Of Some Flow Problems Of Non-Newtonian Fluids”, sponsored by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) , (from May 2006 to May 2008)

List of publications:

Characterization of Acoustic Oscillations in Fuel Supply Lines ,Mehmet Kapucu, Jim Kok, Reddy Alemela., The 18th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV 18), 10-14 July 2011, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Measurement and Modeling of the Acoustic Response in a High Pressure Combustor, M. Kapucu, P. R. Alemela, J.B.W. Kok and A.K. Pozarlik, European Combustion Meeting (ECM2011), 28th June - 1st July 2011, Cardiff, U.K.,6 pages.

Entropy analysis for third grade fluid flow with Vogel model viscosity in annular pipe, Muhammet Yürüsoy, Hüseyin Bayrakçeken, Mehmet Kapucu, Fatih Aksoy, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Volume 43, Issue 7, September 2008, Pages 588-599

M. Yürüsoy, M. Kapucu, A. Kecebas, “Entropy Generation in Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in Annular Pipe”, 16. Isı Bilimi ve Tekniği Kongresi, Kayseri, Turkey, June 2007.