S. Gövert


Room: Horst N.215

Phone: +31 (0)53 489 2417

E-mail: s.gövert@utwente.nl

Research Topic

Due to their short start-up periods, good part load capability, high efficiency and low pollutant emissions, gas turbines are becoming increasingly important in the global electricity supply. As a result of their complex multi-component and multi-physic characteristic, gas turbine development and optimization is commonly based on isolated investigations of the separated components and physical phenomena. Nevertheless, if the isolatedly developed components are first tested in an entire engine, their behaviour can be very different from their individual behaviour.

The overall objective of the COPA-GT project is the development of numerical tools and methodologies for the simulation of the entire gas turbine, taking all relevant physical aspects into account. Therefore, partners from universities, research institutes and industry are involved.

One major aspect of the project is the interaction between the turbulent flow field, combustion and the solid structure in the combustion chamber as it can result in structural fatigue. The fluid-structure interaction in the combustor is investigated by application of unsteady numerical simulations. Therefore, methodologies for an efficient computation are developed.

Curriculum Vitae


2012 – Present

PhD student at the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering at the University of Twente

2006 – 2011

Diplom Ingenieur Maschinenbau (equivalent to M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering)

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany

Thesis: Analysis of Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Gas Turbine Combustion Systems Based on Large Eddy Simulations (in cooperation with Siemens Energy)