Excursion to Twence

A group of ten people headed by professor Brem had an excursion to Twence on Feb.22, 2011. A warmly welcome from Twence was organized.

As an opening, hosts from Twence played a short introduction movie to let everyone get closer to Twence. Mr. Frank de Nobel gave a presentation to introduce more information about Twence mainly from the technology side.

After that, the delegates had a tour to the waste-to-energy incineration plant. People were impressed by the flue-gas purification system. The flue gas from the furnace is essentially cleaned by means of a series of filters. The entire installation is so clean that you don’t feel this is a waste processing company.

The attendees had a lot of discussions and communications during and after the excursion. People from Twence expressed their willingness to continue their cooperation with the group of professor Brem in a more broad area. As a return, professor Brem also invited people from Twence to visit the lab in University of Twente.

Let’s wait for more interactive activities between Twence and the Energy Technology group.

Twence is a waste-processing company that actually generates energy. The company processes the waste from every household and many of the businesses in the Twente region. Over 90% of the waste that Twence receives is transformed into raw materials, building materials and energy.