Excursion to OPRA TURBINES

On June 18, 2011, a group of 20 people from our department headed by prof. Gerrit Brem visited OPRA TURBINES at Hengelo. OPRA hosted the delegates with warmly welcome.

A combination of introduction and shop tour was organized by OPRA. Before the shop tour, Mr. Lars-Uno Axelsson, the principal Engineer for aerodynamics and performance, introduced in general the OPRA history, the gasturbine model, the markets, as well as the R&D activities at OPRA. After his presentation, the delegates were split into two groups for the tour to the gasturbine production and testing shop. Mr. Sietse Drost, the Turbine Assembly Shift Leader, and Mr. Niels van Zeyl, an Electrical Systems & Instrumentation Engineer, introduced the production area and explained the principles. People are attracted by an assembled 2 MW gasturbine unit in the production area, a lot of questions and discussions aroused here. Followed the shop tour, Mr. Martin Beran, a Combustion Engineer, gave a presentation on “Preliminary development of a gasturbine combustor for burning pyrolysis oil”. As many research activities on pyrolysis technology have been carried out in our group, people are very interested by the real applications of the pyrolysis oil. The combustion chamber of the gas turbine has to be modified in order to adapt the low calorific value and the high viscosity of pyrolysis oil. According to Mr. Michal Koranek, the Gasturbines Chief Engineer, the oil handling is the main restrictions for the application of pyrolysis oil.

In the end of the excursion, Prof. Brem expressed his appreciations to OPRA for the invitation and the host. He also showed his willingness to see more interactive actions and cooperations between OPRA and our group. In fact, the two parties already started cooperation since beginning of 2011 as they both involved in the “BE2.0” project on the combustion of pyrolysis oil in gasturbines.

The excursion was very well organized by OPRA, coffee, tea, cake and refreshments are served during the break time. The excursion was ended with a nice reception party in the production area where the gas turbines are assembled.

OPRA was established in 1991 in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and develops, manufactures, markets and services power generation sets based on its turbine technology. OPRA provides power generation sets in the 2 MW power range as single or multiple installations.