In general the research activities of the TE group  can  be divided in 5 main research subjects. Click on one of the research subjects below for more information about the research subject, such as the current research (PhD) projects and participating people. For a direct overview of all the research projects the TE group is involved in go to the projects page.  

Energy Conversion and Storage
Our research on energy conversion and storage is mainly focused on the development of innovative solutions for the energy transition, including thermal storage, heat pumps and solar thermal systems.
Thermal Conversion Processes
Our research on thermal conversion processes is focused on the conversion of biomass into high-value fuels and on the valorization of waste streams into both fuels and raw materials.
Combustion Dynamics
This research subject is related to questions on ignition, extinction, flame stability, pollutant formation, combustion noise and its interaction with the combustion chamber structure.
Energy-Efficient Processes
Intensification of thermal processes via development of novel energy efficient power systems, engines, reactors and processes is the subject of this research line. Renewable methods and transition to the future technologies are of prime interest.
Advanced Materials for Energy Applications and Thermal Management
Our research goals focus on (i) fabrication of advanced materials to enhance energy conversion efficiency in solid-state devices; (ii) developing novel thermal devices at the micro- and nano-scale for thermal management applications; (iii) developing better metrology techniques for accurate and high spatial resolution characterization of thermal and thermoelectric properties of materials and interfaces; (iv) integrating these materials into systems that generate residual heat to harvest or reuse that energy. Our work includes nano- and micro-fabrication, characterization and multiscale simulations. On-campus collaborations include Material Science, Physics, Chemical, Mechanical, Fluid and Thermal Engineering.
Solar Energy
In our research, we are aiming for harnessing solar energy in form of heat (solar thermal), heat-electricity (PVT) and fuel (solar fuel).