Research Subjects

The research in the group Thermal Engineering primarily concerns thermal conversion processes for industrial applications from the disciplines thermodynamics, transport phenomena, thermo-chemistry and fluid mechanics. The main research subjects of the group are listed below:

Combustion technology

This research subject is related to questions on ignition, extinction, flame stability, pollutant formation, combustion noise and its interaction with the combustion chamber structure. Numerical models are developed (within CFX), and experimental research is done on flow visualization, acoustic measurements and laser diagnostics. These techniques are used for in-flame measurements of temperature and species concentrations, to identify underlying physical-chemical processes.

energy conversion and storage

Our research on energy conversion is mainly focused on the conversion of low-temperature heat into other energy forms using heat pumps or heat engines. Heat transfer problems in e.g. thermo-acoustic and magneto-calorific heat engines are investigated. The research on energy storage focusses on all aspects but in particular on systems for heat storage using nanomaterials and electricity storage in liquid fuels.

thermal conversion processes

Our research on thermal conversion processes is focused on the conversion of biomass into high-value fuels and on the valorization of waste streams into both fuels and raw materials. Here, the fundamental aspects of combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of biomass, waste and other fuels are studied experimentally. Furthermore, mathematical models are developed for the design of advanced thermal conversion processes.

energy efficient processes

Our research on energy-efficient process concerns all kind of aspects such as process intensification, multiphase flows, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. Applications that are investigated are the development of new drying technologies for the food industry, atomization of liquid fuels developing new types of nozzles, CO2-capture for greenhouses or for the production of solar fuels.