TS publications 2002

List of Publications 2002

PhD theses

Jacod, B.C. (2002, August 29). Friction in Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. 106 pages. (ISBN 90-365-1782-6).

Prom./coprom.: Prof.dr.ir. H.W.M. Hoeijmakers; dr.ir. C.H. Venner., August 29, 2002, 106 pages.

Refereed Journal Articles

Biesheuvel, A., Wijngaarden, L. van, & Vries, A. W. G. de (2002). Notes on the path and wake of a gas bubble rising in pure water. Int. j. multiph. flow, (ISSN 0301-9322), 28, 1823-1835.

Kruyt, N. P., & Rothenburg, L. (2002). Micromechanical bounds for the elastic moduli of granular materials. Int. j. solids struct., (ISSN 0020-7683), 39, 311-324.

Kruyt, N. P., & Rothenburg, L. (2002). Probability density functions of contact forces for cohesionless frictional granular materials. Int. j. solids struct., (ISSN 0020-7683), 39, 571-583.

Poorte, R. E. G. & Biesheuvel, A. (2002). Experiments on the motion of gas bubbles in turbulence generated by an active grid. J. fluid mech., (ISSN 0022-1120), 461, 127-154.

Masen, M.A., Venner C.H. & Lugt P.M. (2002) "Effects of Surface Micro-Geometry on the Lift-Off Speed of an EHL Contact,'' STLE Transactions,  V 45, 1, pp 21-30

Refereed Congress Papers

Hoeijmakers, H. W. M. , & Steijl, R. (2002). The dynamics of the short-wavelength instability in aircraft wake vortex pairs. In W. Prof. Schroeder (Ed.), EUROMECH, Colloquium 433 . Aachen, Germany (ISBN CD-ROM).

Hoeijmakers, H. W. M. , & Steijl, R. (2002). Theoretical and numerical study of vortex wakes in the atmosphere. In E. Prof. Krause (Ed.), WCCM V, Minisymposium MS 119. Computation of Vortical Flows . Vienna, University of Technology. (ISBN 3-9501554-0-6).

Kruyt, N. P. , & Rothenburg, L. (2002). Maximum entropy methods in the mechanics of quais-static deformation of granular materials. In ASME Organisation ASME (Ed.), Proceedings 2002 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition, IMECE02-32494 . New Orleans, LA, USA (ISBN 0-7918-1693-1).

Put, F., Kelleners, P. H., & Hoeijmakers, H. W. M. (2003). Development of a Numerical Method for Simulating Transonic Multiphase Flows. In H. Sobiecky (Ed.), Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium Transsonicum IV (pp. 363-368). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN 1-4020-1608-5).

Steijl, R., & Hoeijmakers, H. W. M. (2002). Three-dimensional Co-operative instabilities in wake vortex pairs. In 2002, ICAS Congress .Toronto, Canada (ISBN 0-9533991-3-03).

Dillingh, J.E. Wave Development on Thin Layers of Anti-Icing Fluid, AMIF, Lissabon, Portugal, April, 17-20, 2002.


Hoeijmakers, H. W. M. , Hagmeijer, R., Put, F., Kelleners, P. H., & Prast, B. (2002, January 10). Twister, a two-phase flow separator, Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Flows with Condensation. Delft, the Netherlands, Invited Lecture; Meeting on the Occasion of the 107th Birthday of J.M. Burgers.