Twente Centre of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing

Why additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the generic term used to describe 100+ individual production processes. These processes produce parts by adding material one layer at the time. This layered approach ensure that complex models can be produced without the added costs normally associated with complexity. This design freedom also results in new designs and design methods, light weight constructions and reduced part counts in products. As the work preparation step is almost absent in additive manufacturing, other benefits associated with AM become important like next day delivery, short series production, spare part production, local production, design and production flexibility. 


Traditionally the university of Twente has a strong focus on production and production technologies. Additive manufacturing research at the University of Twente focuses among others on the development of additive manufacturing processes for hard to process materials, novel additive manufacturing processes, multi-material processes, multi physics modelling of AM processes and the role of AM in the product life cycle.

Within the university, multiple faculties joined forces and initiated the Twente Centre of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing (TEAM). The goal of this cooperation is facility sharing cooperation, synchronisation of research goals, definition and execution of joined research projects, facilitation of bachelor and master assignments and the initiation of partnerships with industry. TEAM consist of researchers from the departments ET, TNW, EWI, BMS and MESA+. In December 2016 a AM laboratory will be opened in which all major AM process groups are available for prototyping and research purposes.

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